Directly in our workshops

Copy, photocopy, posters, binding, lamination and HD scans

  • I calculate the price myself thanks to the price lists on this website. I memorize the name of the paper I chose and the kind of binding I want (for example). I click on the desired workshop in the English menu. I check on each workshop page the address, the opening hours, the papers available and the payment methods and then choose the one I want.
  • I take on a USB driver my files to print under the PDF format or simply the sheets to copy with me. Please note that you may have to wait a little bit depending to the time you're coming in and how busy our printers and staff are.

Other products

  • You will be redirected to our main office website by clicking here. You will be able to order online or come to our agency opened from 9.30 to 19.00 monday to friday. Our team speaks English, has graphic designers and will be able to help you order online or obtain an quote. Come and meet us !

Via email and retrieving on-site

  • I calculate my own price and then click on the workshop where I want the printing done. I read all instructions (I check if the paper or finishing is available for example) and then I send my email with the attached PDF files for printing and explanations. I indicate the price of my order for checking as well as all billing and contact info. 
  • I wait for the answer of the workshop per email where they will confirm files, delay and price.
  • If your files are too heavy, please use the target email of our workshop and specify in the message part all what is above. It always better to send a separate email and copy paste all info in the message field of
  • Please note that you must pay your order when retrieving  the printed documents. If documents are used within France, you will have to pay the VAT. If not, please come with a proof of export (plane ticket for example).

With delivery and online payment

  • If you are ordering from abroad and want to pay online with a delivery everywhere in France and further, you will need to contact our main office. 
  • Please be precise in your request (including delivery address and contact for delivery). You will receive an email with instructions to log in and pay online on our website.  Delivery companies cannot deliver inside an exhibition hall, find some alternative ways (hotel, restaurant nearby etc...). 
  • Please note that no delivery will be done without a payment of the total amount of the order. You will be able to pay online with Visa, Mastercard or do a wire transfer (send us a screen capture to speed up the process). Don't forget to specify how you want to pay your order. If printed material is used within France, you will have to pay the VAT. If not, please send us a proof of export (plane ticket for example).

Workshop proche Place de la Bourse
Workshop proche Place de la Bastille
Workshop proche Gobelins
Workshop proche Sèvres Vaneau
Workshop proche tour Montparnasse
Agence centrale Grands Boulevards

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Main office :

  • h2impression : digital and offset printing, graphic design and accounting. You can order online or directly to this office. Near the Grands Boulevards click here 2nd arrondissement.

  • Photocopy, binding, scan, poster per unit and hot lamination, please proceed directly to our workshops.

Our workshops :

  • Old stock Exchange (Bourse) near the Opera click here 2nd arrondissement. Open on saturdays.
  • Bastille square in the Marais district click here 4th arrondissement.

  • Gobelins in the south east of Paris near Chinatown, click here.

  • Vaneau (Sèvres Babylone) district near Le Bon Marché click here 6th arrondissement.
  • Montparnasse district right near the skyscraper and the railway station click here 15th arrondissement.

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