You can access any workshop of our list to make small format HD scans (A3 and under). Take a USB driver with you to obtain your files and if needed, please have a look at our price lists for A4 and A3 copies (you will be able to print afterwards your scan, many different printable media apply). Please note that we can scan up to 100cm wide. If so please bring your document to our main office but read first all descriptions down below. 

A4 format


Price per unit in € VAT included

  1 to 99 100 to 249 250 to 499 500 and more


 0,30 0,24 0,18 0,12
Manual 1,30 1,00 0,80 /

A3 format


Price per unit in € VAT included

  1 to 99  100 to 249 250 to 499 500 and more


 0,40 0,32 0,24 0,18
Manual 1,30 1,00 0,80 /


Automatic self-service scan is very handy. Take your sheets you want to scan with you (or any other object like an passport, a book (not too thick though)...) and bring them to your nearest workshop. Take away all staples and lie the sheets flat. Use the upper part of the copy machine and pile up your sheets in the charger. The machine will be able to scan one or two-sided and will enable you to upload everything on a USB driver (or print them directly). With the automatic charger, all documents must be the same size. The A3 format is more expensive than the A4 format because files are heavier and machines will be much longer used by you. 


For all other formats ( < A3) manual scanning is the option. If you do it yourself on the window of the copy machine, the price to be applied is the automatic one. However if you ask us to do it for you on one of our copy machines, then please refer to the manual prices. It is usually the price for big technical books, fabric samples....) which will be meant to be printed later but will need before a photoshop change or a special layout on a PDF file.

Large format


Price on € per unit VAT included

  1 2 to 5 6 to 10 11 and more

 < A2 (40x60cm)

7,20 6 5,40 sur devis

< A1 (60x84cm)

10,80 9,60 8,40 sur devis

< A0 (84x120cm)

14,40 13,20 12 sur devis

< B0 (100x140cm)

18 16,80 14,40 sur devis

Please select the larger format : if your poster is 50x65cm, then you will need to select the A1 format 60x84cm.

Follow instructions

  • The Contex high definition scanner will allow you to obtain very high definition files that you will be able to print afterwards until 100cm wide (lenght can be unlimited). Your document must be flexible enough to pass through the scanner (see picture). The support to scan can be rolled. 
  • You have 2 solutions : get your file back by a wetransfer.com link on your email address (or on a USB driver) or directly print it afterwards on a wide format printable medium (poster, adhesive, rigid board, banner...) we provide (see below). Prices are here. We will be happy to help you translate the website. 
  • Please come to our main office to give us the document that needs to be scanned. It will be brought to our workshop having this special scanner. It usually takes a 24/48 hours delay + printing (1 extra day usually). You can order directly there and see the different samples.
  • Please note that in case of an unexpected event such as fire, car accident while your document is traveling to our workshop in our car and any other kind of risks, we decline all responsibility if your document is damaged. If the document is fragile or with high value, we will give you the address of the workshop so that you will be able to go there on your own. 
scanner HD Paris, scan grand format Paris

Large format printable media available after HD scanning

Copyright princessepepette.com for les Francs Colleurs
Copyright princessepepette.com for les Francs Colleurs


You will find here a list of the printable media we provide. Please have a look and contact us for prices here 


Paper for posters :

  • 170gsm matt
  • 190gsm artistic matt Epson
  • 195gsm Realistic for outdoors
  • 200gsm silk
  • 200gsm glossy
  • 240gsm Fine Arts 100% cotton
  • 260gsm photo glossy
  • 300gsm pearl reflections
  • 310gsm Hahnemühle Bright White Matt
  • 310gsm Hahnemühle William Turner textured
  • 350gsm Hahnemühle Baryta FB Gloss
  • 34gsm Kozo ultra thin on a liner

Special printable media 

  • Adhesive white
  • Adhesive clear
  • Adhesive repositionable
  • Adhesive frosted
  • Adhesive for the ground
  • Canvas
  • Non-woven fabric Evolon
  • No-tear Tyvek
  • PVC banner
  • Fire retardant M1 PVC banner
  • Backlight / Backlit
  • Wide format magnet
  • Rollups or Kakemonos

Rigid panels : 

  • Forex (PVC)
  • Dibond (aluminium white)
  • Dibond (aluminium brushed)
  • Plexiglas / Altuglas clear
  • Kapa foam board (ultra light)

Very wide format :

  • 135gsm blueback - Width 135cm
  • 165gsm wallpaper - Width 135cm
  • 80gsm B&W white paper - Width 90cm
  • 80g B&W neon papers (several) - Width 84cm
  • 90gsm B&W tracing paper - Width 90cm

h2copy high definition document scanning in Paris

h2copy provides a scanning service in Paris. Simply bring your documents along and we will take care of it. If you ever have large supports to scan and then print (however they must be flexible and thin), please proceed directly to our main agency. Take 24 hours for scanning + time for printing if needed. Don't hesitate to contact our main agency.

Groupe h2prod   -  2018 - cliquez sur le workshop de votre choix pour nous contacter

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